In upcomming race season:

5 Races from 130 Km to 450 km final and trainings from 5km to 100 km distance.

All flights are included in one price 270 EUR for 4+ 1 pigeon gratis, 8+ 3 pigeons gratis 540 EUR. The Prize money is calculated for 1000 paid pigens, total prize amount 31.700,00 EUR. Prizes guaranteed minumim 3000 EUR for 1st Prize in final race and 1850 EUR for AS champinship. In adition you can participate for the CAR RACE by activation in half final pigeons for 100 EURO / pigeon. The Prizes are calculated for 300 activated pigeons. The first pigeon in this race will own the CAR (20.000 EUR) , second 3000 EUR and 3rd 1000 EUR.

We soon start promoting in Kassel, Germany our programm for 2020.

Prizemoney 31.700 EUR for 1000 paid pigeons.

24.000,00 EUR for 300 activated pigeons in CAR RACE.

Don’t miss the chance !!! This car can be yours !

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