FLYER 2020

Due to the rapid evolution of the Corona virus pandemic, the management of One Lofr Race Ghimpați decided to stop the collections and to cancel the the 2020 competitive year.

 The money collected from taxes will be fully refunded to the participants and the pigeons already brought can be returned or auctioned if the owner wishes or cannot be sent back for logistical reasons.

We hope that the situation will improve until next year and during this break, we will prepare to join the FCI and invest in modern equipment for the transport and timing of pigeons.

Thank you for your desire to participate and for your understanding! We wish you good health! # stay home, health is more important!

In upcomming race season:

Races in 2020

5 Races from 130 Km to 450 km final and trainings from 5km to 100 km distance.

Race Map 2020

All flights are included in one price 280 EUR for 4+ 1 pigeon gratis, 8+ 3 pigeons gratis 560 EUR.

Total Prize money 55700 EUR

Prize money is calculated for 1000 paid pigens, total prize amount 31.700,00 EUR.

Additional 24.000,00 EUR for 300 activated pigeons in CAR RACE.

Prizes guaranteed and a budget for 31700 EURO for 1000 paid pigeons. In adition you can participate for the CAR RACE by activation in half final pigeons for 100 EURO / pigeon. The Prizes are calculated for 300 activated pigeons. The first pigeon in this race will own the CAR (20.000 EUR) , second 3000 EUR and 3rd 1000 EUR.

Collectiong pigeons starting 1st March in Expo Houten until 15th Mai 2020. Car pickup every 2 weeks from our represenatives in Holland, Germany. To arrange a pickup from your country or region call us : 0040732455380 !!!

Don’t miss the chance !!! This car can be yours !

Looking forward to have you our guest this edition!