FLYER 2021

Loft Capacity is 1500 pigeons. Prize money is calculated for 1000 paid pigeons. Prizes guaranteed and a budget of 31.700,00 EURO for 1000 paid pigeons for the races.

-31.700 EURO for 1000
paid pigeons

-8000 EUR Champions Race. (optional)

-10.000 EURO for Derby Uman 566 Km.(optional)

TOTAL 40.700 EURO 

The Team is 4+1 free pigeon. Entry fee is 280 EUR/Team.

Races in 2021

1. Bronze Race aprox. 130Km;

2.Silver Race aprox. 160 Km;

3.Gold Race aprox. 270 Km;

4.Half-final 350 Km and Champions Race 

5.Final race 405 Km.

6.Super Derby – optional 566 Km

In addition, you can participate to The Champions Race  which is parallel with the half final, by activating any pigeon. The activation fee is 40 EURO / pigeon.

Also, in addition to the standard 5 races we can organize a Super Derby Race of 566 km. All pigeons can participate excluding the first 50 best pigeons from Final Race ! This Derby will be with activation fee 50 EUR / pigeon.

Collection period starting 1st March in Houten, The Netherlands,  until 15th May 2020. 

Car pickup every 2 weeks from our represenatives in Holland, Germany, Austria. To arrange a pickup from your country or region call us : WhatsApp : 0040732455380 !!!


Romania: Teieru Cristian, 0040732455380 , E-mail:

The Netherlands: Mr. Johan L. Bol Tel: ( +31)06-10378525 / 0180-756641, E-mail :

Germany: Mr. Markus Soellner , Tel: (+49)06620/6243 , E-mail:

Austria: Mr. Cezar Tiplea Tel: 0043067762736720, Email:


For sending pigeons in March 2021 you will benefit of transportation discount. Only 5 Euro / Pigeon to Romania! normat transport fee is 10 EURO.

Sign in until December 2020 and you will have a Team of 4+2 pigeons free instead of 4+1 pigeon free. Also, bring your pigeons in March 2021 for OLR Ghimpati and benefit of only 5 Euro transport for a Pigeon. Contact us WhatsApp : 0040732455380

Looking forward to have you our guest this edition!
5 standard races fron N to S
6th race – derby with release from Ukraine. 566 km
Prize money 2021 for 1000 payed pigeons and activation of optional races