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One Loft Race Ghimpati Romania 2021

Races in 2021:

1. Bronz Race aprox. 130Km;

2.Silver Race aprox. 160 Km;

3.Gold Race aprox. 270 Km;

4.Half-final 350 Km and Car Race optional

5.Final race 405 Km.

As championship

For AS Championship all 5 races will be taken in consideration. For the calculation calculation we will take in consideration the numbers of races, the sum of km, the speed and the winning points.


The pigeons must be vaccinated against paramixo-virus at least 10 days before pick up. All foreign participants must send the pedigrees with the pigeons, a valid e-mail address and a personal phone number for contact. Transport fee to Romania is 10EUR/Pigeon. For sending pigeons in month March you will benefit of transportation discount. Only 5 Euro / Pigeon to Romania!

Contact our representatives in your country:

Romania: Teieru Cristian, 0040732455380 , E-mail:

The Netherlands: Mr. Johan L. Bol Tel: ( +31)06-10378525 / 0180-756641, E-mail :

Germany: Mr. Markus Soellner , Tel: (+49)06620/6243 , E-mail:


Loft Capacity is 1500 pigeons. Prize money is calculated for 1000 paid pigeons. Prizes guaranteed and a budget for 31.700,00 EURO for 1000 paid pigeons for the races.

The Team is 4+1 free pigen. Entry fee is 280 EUR/Team.

In addition you can participate to the Champions Race by activation of any pigeon before the half final. The activation fee is 40 EURO / pigeon.

The Prizes are calculated for 300 activated pigeons.

Prize calculation

-31.700 EURO for paid 1000 pigeons.

-8000 Eur for Champions Race with activation 40 EUR/pigeon.

-10.000 EURO for Derby Uman 566 Km.with activation 50 EUR/pigeon.

TOTAL 40.700 EURO 

Collectiong pigeons starting 1st March in Expo Houten until 15th Mai 2020. Car pickup every 2 weeks from our represenatives in Holland, Germany. To arrange a pickup from your country or region call us or WhatsAPP : 0040732455380 !!!


All pigeons will be sold after final on

After auction fee is deducted (20%) the participant will receive 50% and OLR Ghimpati will receive 50% from the auction amount.  

Our Offer for 2020

Sign in until December 2020 and you will have a Team of 4+2 pigeons free instead of 4+1 pigeon free. Also, get your pigeons in March 2021 for OLR Ghimpati and benefit of only 5 Euro transport for a Pigeon. Contact us WhatsApp : 0040732455380

Our Bank details for EURO Currency transfer: RO27BACX0000000968216001 and   BIC/SWIFT: BACXROBUXXX, Unicredit BANK-Bucharest , Name: Cristian Teieru

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